What a GORGEOUS cartridges. I’m not super well versed in THC pens but this one has been great so far, I only use it when I can’t smoke. I got it in December along with three of the mix and match cartridges and I’m almost at the end of my first one. Quickly charges and I can’t get over how chic it looks. The charge lasts forever

Smart Bud Cans

I will give it full stars but it wasn’t quite as nice as I I hoped. Flavour was nice, buzz was decent. But it did not wow me in any memorable way. But as a 3 star it is great value not a disappointment.

Stephen C
Buy Space Monkey Meds

Maui Waui Lemon smell. Decent buzz. Cant go wrong with lemon tasting dabs, delicious stuff. Abit harsh but not terrible. Great packaging and Fantastic service, quick delivery and Great customer support. Cant go wrong with viridesco extracts! Thanks so much


Great! I love how precise you can be with the temperature and it’s light weight and easy to fill. Another reviewer pointed out that the mouthpiece cracked and mine did too. I used some medical tape to try and stop any further cracking. Otherwise, I’m really happy with my purchase!

Andy Nvaro
Buy Marley Natural

Omg 😱 AWESOME TASTE and in capital letter! The most fruity flavours i never taste in weed or concentrate! I taste pineapple, pear and watermelon and the final is very sweet! My new goal is find some AAAAA Donkey Breath to taste the flower. i feel much better 


I am very satisfied with the quality of drugs i ordered. i can now have my drugs on time and sleep without any hassles. Look forward to ordering again 

Ryan D
Smart Bud Cans

I have made several online purchases from you over the past three months and not even once have i encountered any problems. Everything thing comes in within two days just as mentioned and I must say you are doing a great job in honoring your words.

Jungle Boys Weed

The Grape Ape has a flavor that is unremarkable at best. it is a great price though and it is a A strain. not the best smoke… BUT makes wicked strong brownies. totally recommend this if the goal is to use it for other purposes as it has a good buzz.

Shawn Parker
Buy Xanax online

Ordered and received within the specified time. Thanks for the Drugs

Lucas Trezza
West Coast Cure Pre-rolls

First time buying this product!!!… and i have the flavors lava lamp ad death bubba which i like i find it really smooth and did I mention it gets a baked hahaha!!!…I’m never going back to anything other then this, and its so convenient to use the only thing i hate is that it has to be charged when i need it!!

Liam Oles
Qualitest cough syrup

Was a little bit disappointed with the delays for delivery the first time i ordered. But the Quality of the Syrup was Top-notch. I love the promethazine

Alejandro Rojas
Buy Space Monkey Meds

up its like stealing candy from a baby.. then taking that candy and smashing it up and jamming it into a pipe and smoking it. just wonderfully sinful stolen baby candy nugs.. i recommend this strain. i recommend it so much that i wrote it down on paper so i would see i later… i recommended it to myself. i only grabbed 3.5 and it tasted so good i had to smoke it all in one sitting.

Brandon Townsend

For all the negative i say about online dispensaries , everytime i order from Getqualitymeds.com am so pleased with their services . Keep up 

Paul Fernald

Thank You for the Drugs and Discreet delivery

Molly Long

Keep improving your services . please i wasnt satisfied with the customer service

Matt Bowman

Email; getqualitymeds@gmail.com

TEXT/CALL; +1 (210) 660-3928

Location; San Francisco, CA 94110